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Turn your phone into a webcam!

iVCam is a multimedia application that turns your mobile phone into a high definition webcam for your computer. Rather than using your current USB or integrated webcam, you can use your smartphone’s front or rear camera. The mobile and desktop app can connect with one another using Wi-Fi or a USB cable. It supports a wide range of resolutions, namely 360p, 480p, 540p. 720p, 1080p, and 4K. In addition to the video quality, you can adjust your video’s frame rate and audio quality. Using your mobile device as a webcam provides more flexibility as you can shoot in portrait or landscape mode, take screenshots, and receive notifications. 

Easiest and most accessible webcam 

Using your mobile device as your computer’s webcam offers more flexibility than a regular webcam. Similar to recording a video with your phone, iVCam also allows you to zoom in and out. You can do this by moving your mouse wheel or pressing the hotkeys. The scrolling upward or downward allows you to zoom in and out respectively. Ctrl + and Ctrl - also prompts the same function. Regardless of the method you choose, the app will automatically adjust the focus, exposure, and ISO.  

Auto-Focus and Auto-Exposure on smartphones continue to work on the iVCam app. You can also opt to tap your phone’s screen to adjust the lighting manually. Tapping on your smartphone will enable your phone to adjust the light and sharpness. Another method to adjust the appearance of your video is to swipe your fingers across your phone. iVCam allows you to adjust the exposure time, camera ISO, and framing of the video by pinching and sliding up and down or left and right. 

To connect your iVCam mobile app to your desktop, long-press the play or add button in the main view window. You will see the IP address of your computer on-screen. Selecting your computer and the network signal icon will appear on your screen. This will also let you know if your internet connection is stable enough to transfer your video from your phone to your computer. 

Upgrade your video streaming experience

iVCam is a unique and useful service that you can use to upgrade your webcam quality. It’s more flexible to use than a regular webcam as you will able to control the appearance with your fingers, mouse, or keyboard. It does depend on a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to transfer the video from your mobile to your desktop. This makes it suitable for broadcasters or hosts that use video streaming applications on a regular basis. 


  • High-definition video broadcasting
  • Supports touch screen functionality
  • Supports keyboard and mouse capabilities
  • Wide range of customization features


  • Depends on Wi-Fi connection


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iVCam Webcam


iVCam Webcam 4.3.3 for iPhone


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