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Free webcam application

iVCam is a free application that allows people to turn their handheld devices into webcams for their computers and laptops. iVCam is a cross-platform software that functions with Microsoft Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7) PC machines and Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft mobile phones and tablets to provide a flexible alternative to the standard built-in or clip-on webcam options.

What is iVCam?

To use iVCam, people need to install the iVCam app in two places: on their computers or laptops and on their phones or tablets. Although the requirement to download and install two applications on the two electronics may seem rigid, the result is flexibility: people are able to make their video communication experience portable.

The camera quality of the integrated and USB webcam is often not high - whereas, many cell phones and tablets have professional camera grade resolutions. iVCam adopts the resolution quality of the mobile phone or tablet as a HD webcam to enhance users’ video experiences by producing clearer visuals while maintaining strong connections between the devices. Experience customizable configurations for video frame rate, and audio and video quality possibilities.

With the multi-instance capability, iVCam supports the simultaneous connection of multiple phones on one PC. The real-time video freeware functions with mobiles and tablets from Android, Apple, and Microsoft and is compatible with the video sizes 360p, 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. People can use their phones as a high-quality wireless microphone instead of their PC microphone because iVCam supports audio abilities.

With stationary or plugged in webcams, there is only one camera view; iVCam enables people to toggle between the front and rear camera perspectives on their handheld electronics in real-time. Landscape, night, and portrait mode are also accessible. These assets bolster iVCam’s security camera and spy-cam abilities to turn a mobile phone or tablet into the perfect baby monitor or pet-cam while people are away.

How do you use iVCam?

Also supporting 64-bit PCs, the iVCam Windows Client download is an easy to follow step by step process: selecting the set-up language, destination folder location, shortcut options, etc. Once the installation is complete on the PC, users are required to download the mobile phone app.

To ensure that the computer Client software has access to the handheld device, people need to allow the iVCam application to take pictures, and record audio and videos by accepting the notification that pops up. Ensure that the application is open on both the PC and the phone or tablet.

iVCam offers people the option to connect their handhelds to their PCs with either a USB cable or wirelessly through the Wi-Fi network. The webcam software provides an automatic connection between two pieces of technology through the Wi-Fi. A successful synching of the two electronics will result in the notification that the apps have found iVCam on one another.

How do you Zoom with iVCam?

Once the two devices have connected, press the play button to enable the handheld camera to be displayed on the PC screen. Most software that are webcam-enabled are supported: Windows Camera App, Skype, Zoom, etc. For the iVCam application to function with Zoom, navigate to the ‘Video’ tab within the Zoom ‘Settings’ and select the iVCam option from the dropdown for ‘Camera’.

Alternative webcam application options

DroidCam, EpocCam, iCam, Iriun, and ManyCam are other webcam apps to use instead of iVCam. All of the applications are free and lightweight. Depending on what people prefer, certain options are more advantageous than others: DroidCam does not have a watermark, while iVCam does in the upper left corner of the camera screen.

Turn phones into webcams

People need to purchase iVCam to access the full version – although, the free version still offers a multitude of utilities for PC, Android, and Apple devices: the iPad, iPhone, etc. Better aesthetics are achievable with iVCam because of the adoption of the handheld devices’ camera quality, along with flash and manual focus features.

In a browser, check the official website for information about new updates to the software, their copyright and privacy policy, how to get help using webcam features, etc. iVCam is a free alternative to buying common video webcams with low speeds and quality, replacing a PC due to a broken built-in webcam, etc.


  • Low latency
  • Portable webcam
  • Landscape, night, and portrait mode
  • Automatically connects through Wi-Fi
  • Toggle between front and rear camera view
  • Syncs with virtual video communication apps


  • There is a watermark in the free version
  • The free version includes occasional advertisements

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iVCam for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 7.1.2
  • 3.7

  • Security Status

User reviews about iVCam

  • Joseph Guevara

    by Joseph Guevara

    iVCam/E2Esoft is a scam company - I assume based on their code that they're a chinese company that just copied some other software. The product lags r More

  • Steve

    by Steve

    Disappointing, low video quality using iPhone connected to Windows10. Also, clunky setup. Uninstalled immediately.


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